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You expected something meaningful? From me?

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Emerald Embers
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abe sapien, alistair, anders, angels, anime, archangels, autism, aziraphale, baths, benedict cumberbatch, bon jovi, bpal, carlisle cullen, castiel, chris hemsworth, christianity, cooking, crack pairings, crowley, cthulhu, cuddles, cybil, dante, dante's inferno, demons, devil may cry, digital devil saga, doctor who, dragon age, dungeons and dragons, dyspraxia, elves, fanfiction, femslash, fenris, final fantasy ix, final fantasy vii, final fantasy x, fluff, foot fetish, gale, galerians, glitter, good omens, governor elaine marley, guinness, guybrush threepwood, harry potter, heather mason, hellboy, het, honey, hornblower, hot fuzz, indiana jones, inon zur, isabella, janos audron, jared padalecki, john watson, junpei, jurassic park, justified, kael'thas sunstrider, kain, kenny everett, kevin durand, kingdom hearts, legacy of kain, legion, loki, lord of the rings, lovecraftian mythos, marvel rps, mead, metal gear solid, misha collins, monkey island, mudkips, muse, music, mystique, mêlée island™, nathaniel howe, necrophilia, ned the piemaker, neil gaiman, neurodiversity, nightcrawler, optimus prime, persona 3, physics, podfics, procrastination, pushing daisies, pyramid head, rare pairings, raziel, reading, retro games, richard o'brien, robin hood, robot unicorn attack, rome, rufus and the turks, sam winchester, shadow of memories, sharpe, sherlock, sherlock holmes, shin megami tensei: nocturne, silent hill, slash, soul reaver, soundtracks, spongebob squarepants, star trek, star wars, stargate: atlantis, steampunk, supernatural, tea, the architect, the avengers, the covenant, the ghost pirate lechuck, the oatmeal, thor, threesomes, todd the wraith, tom hiddleston, transformers, treasure island, tron, twilight, uriel, useless information, vampires, vergil, videogames, vin diesel, voice porn, vorador, warcraft, watchmen, wings, writing, x-men: first class, yaoi, yuri

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